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Catherine (Cat) Wentworth
S.E. Asia

Catherine is the founder of Creative Latitude, in many ways, as it was her original post on Graphic Design forum that jump-started this project.

Cat brings to the Creative Latitude table an excellent design ability combined with strong project management skills and a sensitivity to the cross-cultural implications of design. She has also developed a particular talent for keeping Nigel and Neil in line when they start getting goofy and bouncing off in odd directions. (Other Latitudians should be in her debt for these "cat herding" instincts coming into play.)

A designer's work and their ability to solve a communications challenge is often based on their life experiences and breadth of knowledge. It's often what designers pull from to find the right solution. Given that, Cat has more than an abundant supply, for if you pick a corner of the globe, it's likely she's lived there or at least visited. Yes, Cat is a feisty, blonde haired, blue-eyed designer and first-class citizen of the world.

Although Cat's location in S.E. Asia may seem remote at first, while working with her on the development of Creative Latitude it's as if she's right next door. She gets the work done – and done right – while enjoying a lifestyle crafted in a paradise of sunshine and palm trees. Not a bad trick, really.

For relaxation, Cat plays with watercolour, mixed media, pencil, and the occasional sculpture. Her hobby sites are Designers Who Blog and Women Learning Thai. She turns on the serious at NO!SPEC.

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