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Neil Tortorella is a veteran graphic designer, writer and marketing consultant with over 30 years' experience in developing identities, collateral and web solutions for both large and small companies. Based in the Greater Fort Lauderdale, Florida area, Tortorella Design has received numerous awards for design excellence.




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Book Review:
The Quark Xpress Ideabook, The InDesign Ideabook, The PageMaker Ideabook By Chuck Green

by Neil Tortorella

Idea man, Chuck Green, has done it again with three new books that are sure to come to the rescue of newbie graphic designers and veterans alike. The QuarkXpress Ideabook, The InDesign Ideabook and The PageMaker Ideabook are chock full of ready-to-use layouts for every occasion. In fact, there are more than 300 in each book with native files on companion CDs. What could be easier?

Each book covers the design gamut from ads to brochures, calendars to newsletters, posters to packaging and much, much more. Green has prepared each layout with notations and specifications to jump start your next project into high gear.

For newbies, just fire up your layout software, open a file off the CD and pop in your text and graphics into the placeholders. Piece of cake. Plus, Green provides very detailed instructions about how to work with the files, understanding templates, placeholder images and fonts. Chuck has made it easy for a new designer to look like they've been at it for years.

For veterans, this book makes a great idea spring. Readers can peruse the layouts for inspiration or use the files as a starting point and add their personal style and flair. The layouts are also excellent for projects where there isn't a lot of design time available in the budget. Low budget doesn't need to mean low quality. The layouts are topnotch and are sure to keep clients smiling.

But, Chuck goes beyond just providing readers with a handy library of ideas. He also walks readers through the design process, how to work with printers, illustrators and photographers, choosing typefaces and selecting the perfect paper to make your project stand out from the pack.

Whether you work with Quark, InDesign or PageMaker, these books are destined to be a staple in a designer's library. They are a true investment that will provide a steady stream of return for years to come.

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