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Jack Yan founded Jack Yan & Associates in 1987 and Lucire in 1997. Still helming both, he is particularly passionate about branding, the media and their social implications.

A member of the Medinge Group think-tank in Sweden since 2002, he co-wrote Beyond Branding (the result of one of the Medinge meetings), and wrote Typography and Branding and a limited-edition coffee-table book, User Seductive—Perspectives on 21st Century Branding, a collaboration with designer Charlie Ward.

Lucire was the first web magazine to spawn international print editions. In January 2006, he branched out from blogging at the Beyond Branding Blog to his own site, Jack Yan: the Persuader Blog.

Jack also writes for Desktop, a premier Australia industry magazine.


Jack Yan

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Why these branding associations?
by Jack Yan
Last year, Errol Saldanha spotted a problem among the : not many of us were in positions where we could affect properly and solve some of the world's problems. Finance ruled the roost in boardrooms, and for the most part, ad agencies were more in the than .

One thing that finance and have are associations: a chance for practitioners to band together. Branding, even though it has plenty of evidence for its benefits to and to , lacks such groups. There are exceptions: the Medinge Group is one think-tank but, generally, you need to have authored a book or two and shown some form of in the area to get in. Groups such as Wireality use email to bring branding experts under a single banner.

In this world, the idea of a virtual branding association surfaced. To recognize that the online world was an extension of the physical one, Errol set about creating associations in different countries. Errol is concerned, too, about a unified definition of branding, and ways to bring people in the profession together.

There is evidence that such groups work. Many years ago, I cooperated with colleagues in the font business to form TypeRight, an advocacy group for designers’rights. It did help with of the copyright surrounding font software, and the group remains active, though not as much as during the early days. Bringing people together through the International Branding Association and its national offshoots can work—the trick, now, is to find people who are both qualified and passionate. Some of the top practitioners are busy enough without greater commitment, or they seek to break in to the side of business; while there are a lot of phoneys out there, too, pretending to be part of the brandwagon while it has some cachet in the mid-2000s.

Nevertheless, the idea is valid and these associations are needed, if only to further the awareness of branding as a discipline, not a mere operational add-on where people think we are charging millions for simple logos. So, who will join us?

(x) International Branding Association (temporary site)
The International Branding Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to establishing branding as a specialized area of expertise. This forum is designed to inspire the formation of national branding associations and coordinate global efforts.

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