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Art Javid is one of the co-founders of the American Design Awards, an international design awards organization with over 20,000 active members and participants based in San Diego, California.

Art is also the co-owner of Graphicwise, Inc. (with his twin brother Kevin) an Orange County, California-based creative design firm specializing in attractive and effective web design, corporate identity and packaging art since 1997.

Besides graphic design, Art has been responsible for co-illustrating 5 published children’s books for a Los Angeles area television personality, and enjoys playing basketball whenever time permits.



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Tuloy Logo
by Art Javid, Co-owner of Graphicwise, Inc.
Co-founder of the American Design Awards


Client: Tuloy (Pasadena, CA)

What They Do: Web publishing, sharing and collaboration.

Objective: Their old logo wasn't hip. It wasn't modern. They wanted something "Windows XP" portraying network security, etc.



Tuloy logo before



Tuloy logo after redeisgn


Alina's Feedback:

Tuloy's old mark really says nothing about what the company does. It almost has an Asian, organic feel to it. I would have guessed the logo represented a healing, health-oriented company... certainly not a Web publishing firm!

The client said they wanted something with a Windows XP look to it, and I feel Art did a nice job of capturing that for them. I found the lock to hold a double meaning... of course, the one used in the tagline, "unlock the future," but it could also represent security, which is also an important issue in today's Cyberspace world.

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