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Jeff Fisher, the Engineer of Creative Identity for  Jeff Fisher LogoMotives, is the author of "The Savvy Designer's Guide to Success: Ideas and tactics for a killer career;" released by HOW Design Books in 2004. He can often be found preaching what he practices through speaking engagements at creative industry events around the country and writing for various design-related magazines and webzines. For more information about the designer's work click the link below.



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Joy Creek Nursery Identity - Before
by Jeff Fisher, Engineer of Creative Identity
Jeff Fisher LogoMotives


The original logo for Joy Creek Nursery was created by a local print shop out of an immediate need when the business started.  A “brand” for the company was then established by using the existing identity on signage, business cards, print ads, catalogues and other items.  For designing other marketing and promotion items, and use by the owners, a digital logo was provided in the resolution shown.

Concerns about the existing logo, and its reproduction, were conveyed to the owners.  The inconsistent weight of the letters in the text, the haphazard computer manipulation of the letterforms, and the two typefaces used in the design blended to convey a graphically unprofessional image for the high-end specialty nursery.


Joy Creek Nursery before

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