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Central Dental Care Logo Deisgn
by Jon O. Roddewig, RigidMotion Corporate Image Design


Central Dental Care called us and asked us about our logo design process. They specifically wanted to know how long the process should take. Most logo designs take two to six weeks depending on the client. He then hired us on the spot. Later we found out they had been working with another company for over six months and had only seen one logo concept. Central Dental Care is a cutting-edge dental center, and they use new technology to give their clients pain-free results. They wanted a logo what looked soothing and high-end.



Central Dental Care's "before" logo.



The dental market is full of teeth, smiles and toothbrush logos. It's really a hard industry to design for. We should know; we have four dentists as clients. We designed a smile using two organic shapes. We wanted the icon to look relaxing and clean, the less like a smile the better in our eyes. We were going for a feeling not another smiling dental logo. The client loves his new logo.

Central Dental Care's new logo


Alina's Feedback:

The new logo is much more inviting and friendly! Jon definitely achieved a relaxed, clean and friendly look and feel. The first logo was so clinical it was almost scary; it was not something that would would help me to feel relaxed or like I would be in a professional yet friendly and warm environment. The new logo conveys this.

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