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ACM Records Logo Deisgn
by Jon O. Roddewig, RigidMotion Corporate Image Design


ACM Records is a music services company in New York. They have been in business for over 26 years and have never been professionally branded. They have had logo designs done by band members that they represent but had never hired a professional firm. They hired two other design firms before us that just couldn't get the job done. They wanted a logo that looked cool but still professional. ACM represents many types of bands and artists, so they didn't want the logo to look too specific in any direction. The only advice that they gave was to make it look "futuristic and cool."



ACM Record Music Services "before" logo



Almost the entire logo is custom. The original fonts were all changed to outlines, edited and cleaned up. The waves on the "A" were edited numerous times. We did not stop working on the logo until the client was 100% impressed. The client was very happy with the logo. They also were very happy they found a design firm that could get the job done. ACM Records is proud to hand out their business cards because they know they look good. They only wish they would have hired us years ago.

ACM's new logo


Alina's Feedback:

The new ACM Record's logo does have a more unique and individualized feel to it; the old design looks much more like a surf or snow board company. One definitely picks up on the spreading of "sound" aspect of the business with the new logo. The tagline also helps explain what the company does.


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