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EZ Test Pools Supplies, Inc. Web Site
by Maryann Little, Big Bull Creative


Designing and creating Web sites is not my strong point, but since I had designed many print ads for this customer, and he had no deadline for the site changes, it made it somewhat easier for me to explore and perfect my Web knowledge into a successful solution for the client. The old layout had numerous animated gif files playing simultaneously, and it was a very messy, cluttered page. There was no rhyme or reason to it. Some of the links didn't work and one couldn't determine the Company's purpose in the first seconds when viewing the page. The previous site's page content was primarily jpeg image files, so the lack of HTML text provided very little content information for the search engines to scan and cache.



The old EZ Test Pools Supplies home page



The customer wanted to keep most of the content the same, so we reorganized the information into a hierarchy and even incorporated one flash component that was very smooth and didn't detract from the rest of the site. The viewer immediately understands what this company does when opening the home page. We added stronger tags and keywords, plus we replaced the text lost in jpeg image files with HTML text, allowing the search engines to utilize and share the site's information.



Redesigned home page for EZ Test Pools Supply


Alina's Feedback:

Maryann definitely improved the hierarchy and read of the site's home page. To be honest, if I had visited the original site, I would have had a very difficult time to determine the name of the company, let alone what product and/or service they provide. Because the page featured names and images of supporting vendors that were the same size or larger than their own information, there was no hierarchy of information, leaving me to wonder which company owned the Web site. The image of the pool water on the new page reinforces the nature of their business and entices the viewer to want a pool.

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