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Cultivatelife: Discover The Pulse of San Diego - Chuck Longanecker

A consortium of undisclosed individuals today announced the launch of an independent website project dedicated to uniting southern Californians with art, music, film and the performing arts in San Diego. CultivateLife is a non-commercial project that does not rely upon advertisements, endorsements or donations.

"CultivateLife is a powerful way to rally the community around the cultural arts in San Diego," Joe Burnett for the consortium said. "We hope people will see CultivateLife as a forum for enriching the human experience, and a vehicle for new adventures beyond the nine-to-five routine. We want people to see the cultural arts as a means to connect with others, and with themselves, in new ways."

To participate in the project, interested parties can visit and submit their email address. A bi-weekly electronic newsletter will list "cultivating" events in the San Diego metropolitan area. The website will mirror current newsletter content and archive past editions. CultivateLife guarantees that email addresses will be kept confidential and are not intended for any other use.

In addition to the newsletter services, Cultivatelife also offers direct access to sell or purchase tickets for events online. Event organizers can create events and sell tickets online in a matter of minutes. The process is completely free and event organizers retain the entire face value of each ticket. Buyers will also realize value with this online ticketing system with significantly lower service fees then ticketing giants like ticketmaster and environmental conscious hemp based tickets with soy ink. They will also benefit from advanced options such as print your tickets at home, online automated ticket confirmation and help. For more information visit:

Chuck Longanecker
Digital Telepathy

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