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The Georgia Peach Meets The Big Apple: The Saga Of Travis Tom, Prospector Extraordinaire

Eureka! There's gold in them thar skyscrapers! Thinking of tackling the Midtown Manhattan design scene? If so, you'll want to read Travis Tom's account of his two-week sales prospecting trip from Augusta, GA to New York, NY.

This brilliant on-line tome is a great reality check. We're not talkin' jetting out to the City, top hats, tails and martinis. I don't think Travis even found the Ritz, let alone put it on. We're talking diligent planning, researching, a brisk schedule, a river of Mountain Dew and a lot ... a whole lot ... of walking. Travis has thoroughly documented his trip's planning, goals, successes and mishaps. All remarkably well-timed to align the biggest blackout this country has ever seen.

Read this and learn from Travis' experiences. If you play your cards right, you too may be entertained by the likes of Seymour Chwast. You'll also learn the difference between a regular city block and the deceptive, evil avenue block.

Did I mention a lot of walking? In the sweltering summer heat? Read on, fellow prospectors.

Prospecting In New York City

For more information, contact:
Travis Tom
TNTOM Design
Augusta, Georgia
Email: Travis


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