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What's happening at Fred Showker's Design & Publishing Center for the month of May?

Where do those creative ideas come from?
That's the May topic in the Design & Publishing Center: Everyone has their own methods of overcoming design burn-out and rekindling the creative fires. Where do those great ideas come from? Follow along as DTG readers share their secrets of creative thinking

Feature: Master of Color & Texture
DTG interviews Jon C. Lund creative energy behind this Spring's Travelsmith catalog cover series -- impressing everyone with rich colors, texture and the extraordinary style of the golden era of posters. Meet Master Illustrator: Jon C. Lund

Photography: water to quench your thirst
Creative vision abounds. But you have to open your eyes. Take a few peaceful moments and enjoy the etherial visions of freelance photographer Shin Terada from Yawata-City, Kyoto Japan -- We think you'll enjoy the experience. But please, take your time in this month's Design Center Gallery. Shin says: "A glass of water to quench your thirst..."

The Delicate Art of (Web) Design Critique
How do you constructively critique someone's work without being taken the wrong way? How do you accept criticism without feeling hurt or angry? Here are just a few ideas, gathered from observations and comments from others. Special guest author Makiko Itoh shares her wisdom on...The Delicate Art of (Web) Design Critique

Software Solutions with Joyce Evans...
This month, noted author and frequent DTG contributor Joyce Evans puts her review pencil to software solutions for designers: First, she needed a quick and easy way to write proposals without crunching her busy schedule. Here are her comments on The Proposal Kit

Next, Joyce found a super quick and easy way to produce Flash SWF animations with Wildform FX Pro

An American Idol Web Site Gone Bad?
WDR visited the web site of this young vocalist, but what they found was not what they expected. So, what if Randy, Paula and Simon to this web site to evaluate an "American Idol" contestant? What would they say?
This critique says "Hire the voice, but fire the designer of ""

Thumbs Up for Mt. Rushmore Guide
Suzanne Fyhrie Parrott from OneWay Advertising and Design is on hand to share tips and hints for this up and coming site: Mount Rushmore's Black Hills Explorer Vacation Guide.

Creative Juices
What do you do when you need an idea and you need it quick? Suffering from the creative doldrums? Grab these tips in just 60 seconds, and ...Get the Creative Juices Flowing

The User Group community

Spyware? Are you at risk?
Recent member and non-member concerns about spyware and adware have prompted this ground-breaking white paper on spyware.

What is Spyware?

Part 2:
industry resources tell the full story

Part 3:
Spyware - The key to guarding yourself against the evil side of spyware - leading resources for protecting yourself

Also read the official position of the FTC, and their testimony given to the Senate Subcommittee last week...

Four spammers get charged (Applause)
The Federal government has charged four people under the "Can Spam" act -- two spam operations that have clogged the Internet with millions of deceptive messages and violated federal laws. Hopefully more to come and others will drop out.

Just rewards for spam fighter AND spammer
Hey... you laughed earlier this year when we reported on AOL's sweepstakes to give away a $47,000 dollar Porsche Boxster S Cabriolet... well, on Friday Charles Chase, a 73 year old Veteran from Northern Virginia is now driving that Boxster! Just rewards for the spammer? Yup -- the Porsche was formerly the property of the spammer, confiscated by AOL following their legal victory. (Applause!)

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