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A lifeline for the marketing challenged

23 January 2005

Hoboken, NJ: Noted author and self promotion guru, Ilise Benun, has announced the launch of, a new web site for her one-on-one coaching program for independent professionals. Through the Marketing Mentor program, Ms. Benun and her team help small business owners and independent professionals grow their businesses, get more clients and make more money. The site can be found at

The 6-month Marketing Mentor program is customized for each client and provides expert, action-oriented advice on self promotion, such as how often to follow up, what to do when prospects won't respond and how to get comfortable at networking (especially when you're not a people-person). But the essential element of the Marketing Mentor program is accountability; clients will never again be able to put their self promotion on the back burner.

"If you haven't developed the inner discipline to do your marketing," says Benun, "you need to become accountable to another person." My goal is to teach these skills, then get out of the way so my client can grow their business."

The structure is simple: each client receives a half hour phone consultation (via telephone, email and instant messaging) with their mentor every week for 6 months, plus unlimited email access in between. The client-mentor relationship begins by setting a few realistic and quantifiable goals such as "get 3 new clients by May" or “"get my web site up." Once a plan is established. it is implemented, step-by-step, task-by-task, to achieve the goals.

The Marketing Mentor web site offers a wealth of useful links and resources for those seeking to increase their marketing and promotional efforts. It also describes in detail how the program works and offers several success stories about the program in action.

Ilise Benun is the author of "Self-Promotion Online" and "Designing Web Sites for Every Audience and has been teaching people to promote themselves and their services since 1988. She has been self-employed for all but 3 years of her working life.

Benun's articles have been published in national magazines such as Inc. Magazine, HOW Magazine, Nation's Business, Self, Essence, Crains New York Business, and Working Woman.

She is a sought-after speaker and has conducted marketing workshops for international organizations, including International Association of Business Leaders, Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario, Fox Valley Ad Club (WI), AIGA (several local chapters), Graphic Artists Guild (several local chapters), the HOW Design Conference, NYU Entrepreneurship Summit, the American Marketing Association, the National Association of Women Business Owners, the Family Business Council, the Usability Professionals Association, and the 92nd St. Y.

Contact: Ilise Benun
Marketing Mentor
(201) 653-0783


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