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Sometime in January 2005

Apparently, launched the other day. The idea behind Exit3a is ideas, ideas, and ideas. A creative department without an agency, Exit3a is looking for ways to shed the excesses and eliminate the hurdles that stifle ideas from propagating a brand. Simple, svelte, and surprising. That’s what Exit3a is about.

Freelance Copywriter, Tom Mullen, has embraced The Internet as a vehicle to assimilate concepts to both ad agencies and to clients. Exit3a believes agencies, and clients, want the same thing: ideas that generate brand growth and agency growth. The virtual freelancer can be found on

Tom’s ten year advertising career has taken him to creatively driven agencies like Wieden & Kennedy/Portland, where he worked on national/global campaigns for Nike, ESPN, Microsoft and to TBWA/Chiat/Day/SF where he did the same for Levi’s. He’s also created dominant campaigns for Wachovia Bank, UNICEF, and Wharton Business School’s Lauder Institute to name but a few. Tom now lives in The Internet where he freelances full time through his virtual


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