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Designing Women call to entry

Each year during March and April, DTG Magazine join with The Design & Publishing Center in celebration of "Women In History Month." That edition features the works of women in the design, illustration, or other visual arts fields.

It's fun, the readers really enjoy visiting, and the artists and designers who are included get a jolt of unprecedented exposure to hundreds of thousands of readers... and potential clients!

Designing Women accepted for publication will be included in a "Vanity" (or, as we call it a "Cameo") page in the Design Center gallery. Your Cameo page will be linked from various other locations throughout the Graphic Design Network sites.

These Cameo pages become a permanent page in the Design Center, and, you can always return and update, change or refresh the information at your leisure.

You're invited to get in touch by sending a note to the Design Center via and selecting the "Designing Women" option under "What do you want to do?"

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