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Back Hires COP has hired Jonah Hughes to head the Product Placement Department. Most recently, Hughes worked as a Consumer Outreach Practitioner (COP) for several Pro-Consumption Consumer groups.

“It was Jonah’s consumer experience that caught my eye,” said writer & proprietor, Tom Mullen. “Jonah has an uncanny knack for sensing consumer wants and desires, tapping into the zeitgeist if you will, which makes him an immediate asset, and invaluable teammate, to all of us in the Product Placement Department,” added Mullen.

The Product Placement Department operates under the guiding principle of placing products in ads. “When you think about it, the whole notion of placing a product in an ad is really the most effective way to connect with your consumer. It’s all about creating an ongoing dialogue between your consumer and your product,” postulated Hughes.

“In the short time Jonah’s been part of the family, he’s altered my thinking. The way he refers to ‘the consumer’ as ‘your consumer’ is so subtle in its’ brilliance that it’s almost scary. Plus, he speaks Spanish, which is muy bueno in my book,” said Mullen.

About is an ad agency. Kinda. It’s a freelance factory full of ideas. The Product Placement department, ‘We place products in ads,’ can be seen in action by visiting the TV/Print/Radio and Web sections on

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