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What's happening at Fred Showker's Design & Publishing Center for the month of March?


01 March: Designing Women
02 Interview: Cher Threinen-Pendarvis
03 Designing Women: corereactive
04 Designing Women: Bohtieque Design
05 Photoshop: Fill Type with an Image
07 Web Critique: Good Content, Wrong Place...
06 Photoshop: Paint Color to Grayscale
18 March: How Designers Sell
19 Next Month: Designing Spring
08 Stuff: The world's smartest photo organizer
09 Stuff: high-speed image editing
13 Fonts: New Stencil Font with Lower Case
12 Mailbag: Photo Corrections
11 Mailbag: Font control in OS X ?
16 CAFE: Remote Proofing
10 Books: Home Networking Annoyances
15 Stuff: Store, retrieve snippets
14 Stuff: Photo storage to go?
17 Smoothing Skin Textures...
20 Spring is springing... we hope!

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01. March: Designing Women
In celebration of Women's History Month, each year we celebrate women in the design or visual communications fields. During February we selected four top flight woman designers to be spotlighted. You'll meet two of them (below) and two more over in the April issue!

02. Interview: Cher Threinen-Pendarvis
Helping us all celebrate Designing Women Month, artist, designer, author and educator, Cher Threinen-Pendarvis visits to chat about Photoshop, Painter and using a graphics tablet to expand our creative digital painting techniques... we think you'll enjoy getting to meet ... The Master Painter

03. Designing Women: corereactive
Now we journey to Toronto Ontario, where we meet up with the graphic design firm specializing in brand identity development under the sublime leadership of Jo Swartz, the Designing Woman behind corereactive

04. Designing Women: Bohtieque Design
Take a look at the next rather special Designing Woman, Julie Tiedens, graphic designer and logo specialist in Black River Falls WI. Come along as we visit Bohtieque Design

05. Photoshop: Fill Type with an Image
There are many ways to achieve results in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. Here, we answer several readers' frequently asked questions -- in the process you'll learn a number of essential Photoshop tricks with selections and layers for Filling Type with an Image

07. Web Critique: Good Content, Wrong Place...
This month Bennie C. Taylor and Donald Peterson, two distinguished designers, take on a Catering site... but they're too nice and Fred has to get tough. You got to be tough to make a tender Catering Web Site Critique

06. Photoshop: Paint Color to Grayscale
Several readers asked: "How is the best way to keep a color subject, but change everything else to grayscale? Here's the tips and tricks in both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements... we'll even show you several methods for Painting Color to Grayscale

18. March: How Designers Sell
During February we invited readers to relate a comment or suggestion about design techniques they use to sell their client's message. One reader wrote such an extensive reflection we put it on her own page! So here's the results of How Designers Sell

19. Next Month: Designing Spring
They say "April showers bring May flowers" so during March many designers, illustrators, photographers and visual communicators will be turning their attention to spring projects for their clients. Even if you're not involved directly in a spring promotion, we'd like you to share your tips, tricks and experiences Designing for Spring... share your spring color palette... suggest good fonts for springtime or promotional ideas that work well in the spring. You may also know how to design for clients who don't necessarily have a springtime theme to promote. To be a winner you'll need to post your reflections on our PRIZE REGISTRATION PAGE

08. Stuff: The world's smartest photo organizer
So you've been storing your old print snap-shots in a shoebox? Well, now there's a Shoebox for your digital photos that uses Knowledge Base technology to learn what's in each of your photos. Pretty cool...

09. Stuff: high-speed image editing
Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Jasc Paint Shop Pro and others can now get some pretty sweet automated image editing with this simple plug-in called Chameleon -- making the insertion of new objects or the replacement of unwanted elements in digital photos simple.

13. Fonts: New Stencil Font with Lower Case
We quite often get requests for stencil fonts... this one was too good to wait until our Fall Fonts Festival... check out Typeco's new 25 font superfamily... Super Duty

12. Mailbag: Photo Corrections
More than just a few readers often want us to recommend software or plug-ins. For all those wishing to automate image adjustments, try LightMachine. This Photoshop plugin performs all kinds of light adjustments in photos, combining shadow/highlight, virtual lighting and color-based correction tools...

11. Mailbag: Font control in OS X ?
Seems like the spring brings new quests for fonts and font resources. Several readers switching from Windows to Mac, or from OS/9 to OS/X asked about a replacement for Adobe ATM. Take a look at Veenix Font Tools - a set of twenty easy-to-use Macintosh OS X font and design tools for graphic designers, web designers, illustrators, typesetters. It may be what you're looking for... Veenix: Font Tools

16. CAFE: Remote Proofing
There have been many threads in the Design Cafe looking for proof collaboration solutions -- eProof allows you to proofread and correct original, high-resolution production files in a standard web browser, including PDF, Postscript, InDesign, Illustrator or Microsoft Word Documents! Check out eProof

10. Books: Home Networking Annoyances
O'Reilly's "Annoyances" series continues with this great little helper with fast relief for the Headaches of Running a Home Network!

15. Stuff: Store, retrieve snippets
This Personal Information Manager for Windows, Mac and Linux may help you more than you think. Parsnips allows easy storage and retrieval of text gleaned from web sites, e-mail, chat sessions, usenet news articles, or even files you've received... Parsnips: Stores Snippets

14. Stuff: Photo storage to go?
Still looking for mass storage for all those digital photos? Apple has updated its iPod photo lineup by introducing a new slim 30GB model, holding up to 7,500 photos (and songs), for just $349 -- it's completely cross-platform so Windows users can get on board too! Apple iPod photo

17. Smoothing Skin Textures...
We have received countless inquiries and complaints about our interview with Suzette Troche-Stapp, and her "Beauty Retouching" tutorial. Evidently there's not enough information there for the beginning Photoshop or Photoshop Elements user. Well, one of our April "Designing Women" is expert glamour retoucher Marija Matijasec who's going to present a complete tutorial. Stay tuned to the Photoshop department

20. Spring is springing... we hope!
Of course, I'm looking out my window and seeing about seven inches of snow with six to twelve more promised for tonight.

(See: for the view outside my window as I write this. Yes, that's my pick-up!)

But we know spring is coming. So, say good bye to those winter blues and start firing up the old creative juices. Don't forget to share your favorite "Designing Spring" tips and tricks.

Fred Showker, Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine

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