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Creative Latitude extends a special welcome to new member, Fred Showker.

Since 1990, Fred Showker has published DT&G, the first and longest continually published zine online for the graphic design, desktop publishing and visual communications communities-at-large.

It's one of the few remaining online resources to have moved to the web in 1994 which continue with a "reader driven" philosophy.

DT&G Zine and The Design & Publishing Center have received more awards than can be published here, including C|Net's "Site of the Day," USA Today's "Hot Site," Publish Magazine's "Site to See," and the coveted APEX award for best electronic publication in 1998. David Pogue, in Macworld Magazine said "DT&G is a one man tour de force of advice, instruction and how-to's pertaining to all things graphic!" and "There are other ezines about design and art. But none approach the usefulness of this one."

Most of the items appearing in DT&G are real-life questions and problems from readers, or folks who have attended seminars, workshops, or make-over clinics conducted by Fred.

Each month DT&G offers a mixture of content for creatives from articles and interviews with leading personalities in the industry, to web design critiques to Photoshop tips & tricks, to Q&A from the Photoshop 911 hot line.

DT&G Magazine
DT&G Editors column
DT&G Design
DT&G Typography
DT&G Graphics
DT&G Business
DT&G Reviews
DT&G Design Book Shelf

DT&G Web Design & Review
DT&G Web Site Critiques
DT&G Web Site Reviews
DT&G Web Pixel Smith

DT&G Photoshop Tips & Tricks
DT&G Photoshop 911
DT&G Photoshop 911 emergency call

And last, but not least:
DT&G "Off-Line" Workshops and Seminars

Well, almost last — we can't forget 60-Second Window, with Fred Showker (when does he have the time?)

Ok, ok, ok, just the one more — Fred Showker is a Board member of The User Group Academy and The Association Of Apple Computer Users & Groups (AACUG). There he publishes the "MUG" newspaper, and his own column "This Old Mouse."

For more information on any of his various interests, contact:
Fred Showker, Director
Email: Fred

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