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Common Sense translates Russia Experience from print to Web
Two new Web sites for travel firm Trans-Siberian go live

Brighton, Monday 5 January 2004

Web consultancy Common Sense Design has collaborated with another Brighton-based design firm - Wild Dog Design - to produce two new Web sites for tour company Trans-Siberian, both of which launch in the New Year 2004.

The sites are for the two different types of Trans-Siberian trips to Russia and Asia. Russia Experience ( caters to individual travelers with tours in Russia, Mongolia, Tibet and China; Beetroot Backpackers ( customers tend to be younger - mainly students - who want to travel on a tighter budget. The two different customer types are reflected in the sites' unique look and feel, although there is a 'family' resemblance.

Wild Dog - a print design specialist - created the brochures for both Beetroot Backpackers and Russia Experience. The company briefed Web designer Nigel Gordijk - trading as Common Sense Design - to translate their print designs into Web sites. This involved creating site structures and navigation that is intuitive, not slavishly following the linear content structure inherent in brochures.

Although both sites are visually rich in terms of tour images and graphics, the pages still download quickly.

About Nigel Gordijk
Nigel Gordijk - based in Brighton - is an accomplished graphic designer with over 15 years' industry experience. His Web site designs are noted for their ability to engage users and their ease of use. He has designed sites for Thomson Holidays, Brighton and Hove Virtual Festival, LearndirectScotland and The Royal Shakespeare Company.

For additional information, contact:

Nigel Gordijk
Email: Nigel
Tel: 07944 170 293

Wild Dog Design

The Russia Experience

Beetroot Backpackers

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