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Creative Latitude and Adholes

2 May 2005

Adholes invites CL members to join in for the ride of their advertizing life. According to the site's about page, is a mob-blogging and social networking site for the advertising industry. Through Netmodular's relevance engine, the site stays fresh with blogs and commentary by ensuring the most popular blogs and people are rewarded with a high level of visability.

Adholes is a fast-growing blogworking site founded by freelance copywriter Marc Lefton and Mary Crosse, a project manager at mcgarrybowen. Started in November, 2004, the site quickly got notice in the Wall Street Journal, who recognized it as the place where agency rank and file meet to schmooze.

In its short history, the site boasts nearly 3,000 members from all disciplines and have attracted industry leaders to write thoughtful blogs about the most current industry topics. But more importantly, the site's patented 'relevance engine' keeps the most active members with the most to offer in the forefront of the community. It doesn't matter if you're a CEO or an aspiring intern; the most relevant thoughts stay at the top.

In addition, it's a way for anyone to offer insight into the industry and gain a little bit of exposure for themselves. Many users have gained interviews at top agencies, and otherwise seen their industry profile raised through participating in the site. Last month, Adholes launched regional groups and events postings. This latest stage will allow for a valuable online/offline component to further enhance the networking capabilities of the site.

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