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Mediarail's Derald Schultz Writes Strategic Menu

21 April 2005

Dacula, Georgia - Mediarail Design Founder Derald Schultz has written an article entitled, "Increasing Sales with Strategic Menu Design" that details many of the aspects of menu architecture to drive sales.

It is currently the feature article at, an online marketing communication network, and will also appear in a future edition of Las Vegas Food & Beverage Magazine.

Special excerpt (exclusively for your reading pleasure):
"A menu is much more than a bill of fare; it is a carefully planned guide to direct the patron to your most profitable items and maximize sales. You have an average of two minutes to make the sale, so layout strategy and subliminal suggestions play key roles in developing a profitable menu. This article is directed at restaurateurs who will either hire a design firm or those who want to develop them in-house. The "Marketing Tips" section will be especially useful for critiquing existing menus and considering a redesign."

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