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Finally Live: John Silver Online.

John Silver, Pacific Northwest designer and artist launched his new site in April 2004 after four years of sitting on ideas and scraping more than two-thirds of them. "I always knew I wanted a fresh, clean presentation but without all of the cold sterility of most of the Flash sites I see." John put to use softer colors based upon a year's worth of psychological research and fused the serene palette with a subtle oxidized texture to support the book art. "I have found that texture instigates interaction. If it looks touchable it seems to hold the attention of visitors a bit longer."

"The book was the metaphor I started with." Visiting antique shops and estate sales is a favorite pastime for John. "I found one great book and this poor old lady wasn't going to part with it. It belonged to her late husband. I told her it was going to be used on a website to display my artwork. Once I explained that I was not an antiquities dealer who would just sell it off at a higher price she gave it to me for free!" The most difficult part was selecting work from a pool of almost 150 design projects to include in the 18-page portfolio section.

The new site will expand over the next few months to display even more work. In addition to new art, the navigation will become a bit more personable. A Special Projects section will be added as well which will showcase John's music and writing efforts. Look for updates soon!

The site can be found at



For more information contact:
John Silver
John Silver Design
Tacoma, WA 98403

Phone: 206.779.3917
Email: John

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