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New Doodle Archive wants your doodles!

30 June 2005

I'd like to introduce you all to a project concept I am now starting to kick-off called ''. It will be a website for the sole purpose of showcasing and documenting the art of the doodle. Over the next few years I'll be sending out thousands of 'Doodle Cards' (See attached) which people can send back in and have posted on the web site. The web site will officially launch in the next several months or so and after a few years of collecting hopefully thousands of doodles I'll pitch a book to a publisher.

Part of my kick-off will be passing about a 1,000 out at the ICON 4 Illustration conference in San Francisco next week. No better place to hand out these cards then to 800 full time doodlers.

If you'd like me to mail you a few 'Doodle Cards' please email me by clicking this link and I'll mail you you at least 3.

- 1 you doodle on and send back
- 2 you hand out to someone you find interesting

Remember, this is is for anyone. We want to see doodles from all walks of life regardless of formal art training or ability. Hand your extras out to fellow family members, neighbors, the plumber who is fixing your toilet or your 6 year old niece. Anyone can doodle. If you want more then 3 mailed to you then let me know how many. Make sure to include your snail mail address in your email.

Let the doodling begin!

da card
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