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Creative Madhouse just crazy about LogoLounge!

The maniacally creative minds of Creative Madhouse can’t contain their excitement about having nine Madhouse designs admitted to the prestigious LogoLounge Volume II. Already thrilled to have two Madhouse-designed logos featured among the Quarterly Picks at last year, the Creative Madhouse crazies are bursting with pride and glee over this new honor.

LogoLounge Volume II, due for release by Rockport Publications in January 2005, will feature over 2,000 color logos by the world’s top designers. Entries for the book were judged by an elite international panel of eight design industry representatives. The resulting compilation of superior modern logo design includes well-known designs already enjoying the warm blaze of the spotlights, as well as fabulously creative, innovative identity pieces for local or less widely publicized organizations.

The Creative Madhouse designs to be featured include logos across the exposure spectrum:
• E. S. Systems
• Atlantis Cruises
• Around the World in Eighty Dishes
• TwoTopia
• Vanilla Moon Café
• Avenue Bistro
• Picasso Café
• Hausware Designs
• Resume Courier

Creative Madhouse is a graphic design firm engaged in all areas of creative visual communication. Specializing in print and Web design for companies of all sizes, the Madhouse combines creative vision, playfulness, and practical common sense to bring effective marketing collateral to life. As the Creative Madhouse-created logos selected for the LogoLounge uniquely illustrate, the minds of the Madhouse continuously strive for—and achieve—the perfect marriage of the verbal and the visual. Creative Madhouse is just the right kind of crazy: blending words and concepts into designs that capture the spirit, purpose and passions of its clients—and then communicating them with clarity, boundless creativity, and sheer panache.

Creative Madhouse
2401 Oakland Blvd, Suite 208
Fort Worth, TX 76103
p: 817.531.7493

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