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What's happening at Fred Showker's Design & Publishing Center for the month of June?

Design Vacation
It's June, and in many places, people will be planning or embarking on summer vacations! When the designer goes on vacation, all design problems may be left behind at the office or studio — or, perhaps a little bit of the studio will come along.

During May, DTG readers were asked to relate tips, stories and antidotes about their reflections on taking a vacation.

Do you get away from it all — or do you continue to think about design in your travels?

So, take a look at how June's winning designers take their vacations...

Congratulations Winners...

Steve H Takes a book along...
Roger E also takes along books...
David C "Degauses" his mind...
Jackie gets her best ideas on vacation... and
Sarah tries to leave it behind — but doesn't always succeed!

From the Editor: Digital Photo Vacation
Packing up and heading out for vacation this summer? Take your digital camera and take some great photos with these brief Digital Photo Tips.

Digital Photo Management
While we're at it, I'll also steer you toward a free digital photo management program, and provide some links to other shareware/freeware downloads for your digital life.

60-Seconds: Photo Ethics?
Then, 60-Second Window this month asks if you think it's getting more difficult to recognize reality in photographic journalism these days...

Special Guest: Beauty Retouching in Photoshop
How do you remove blemishes from photos, give skin the glamour look, or just get the fashion magazine look? Well so many people ask that question, we went straight to the source: Suzette Troche — The Glitter Guru for "Beauty Retouching"

Editor's Choice: Logos & Fonts
I predict this book by Leslie Cabarga will become a required classic for the graphic artist, designer, desktop publisher and signer. RUN, don't walk to get this book NOW!

DTG: Benefits Of A Buddy For The Solo Designer
Are you a home-based studio or freelancer? The benefits are many, but feeling isolated can spell trouble. Janet Bertucci and Julianne Nardone recommend you find a Design Buddy!

Tutorial: The Gentle Art of Feathering
Quite often we get calls to the Photoshop 911 hot line wanting to know how to make those nice gradual gradient edges to photos. Most of the time people call them "fogged" edges. Whatever name you give them, you can do it with Photoshop or Elements Feathering.

Joyce Evans: Tomatoes anyone?
This month Joyce takes a look at the Tomato-Cages web site with a healthy reminder of the right recipe for success. Even Fred can't argue, all web designers need to look at Tomato

Feature Web Sites for June:
DTG and WebDesign and Review readers have posted their sites for your review and comment! Please pay particular attention to our non-profits, and education sites — they have requested specific help.

Living Digital
Most people forget about their digital camera until photo-ops come along. That's certainly a shame; because most of the best opportunities happen almost every day when you are living photography.

And... don't forget Fred's Editor's Column "News & Else"

  • The famous Design Mail Bag,
  • Rollovers Revisited;
  • How to build Silver and Gold Colors?
  • Spammer Sent to Slammer: 3 to 7
  • MAC OS X: Welcome to the real world
  • Gmail fingers in cookie jar
  • Another Nikon arrives...
  • Better back it up
  • Humor: iTune Mixes that Suck

Getting Ready for July & "Summer Reading"

JULY is the patriotic month in the U.S.A. because it was in July of 1776 that our Declaration of Independence was signed. In all countries however, designers are called upon to design patriotic images for that country's celebration.

This August the Olympics will travel to the original location for the Olympics, Greece -- a super opportunity for designers around the world to promote their homeland. Now, share your ideas, examples and favorite Patriotic Designs...

  • Favorite posters, book covers, magazine covers on Patriotism
  • The approach you might take in a patriotic design
  • Favorite variations or themes using your country's flag
  • Designers: Pros and Cons of patriotic design
  • Opinions: when is patriotic design good? Bad?
During July we'll also show you the inside story on "TOTAL TRAINING" and Deke "Dr. Photoshop" McClelland's finest hour. We'll also give away a whole collection of Total Training DVDs featuring Deke himself.

You do NOT want to miss that.

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