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Travis Tom is an award-winning independent designer, illustrator and icon
specialist from Augusta, GA. In September 2000, he founded the Creative Postcard Club which is a group of professional designers, illustrators, design students and creatives alike from around the world who enjoy corresponding through their own postcard creations. The group is currently working on Round 23 Dots with a mailing deadline of June 20, 2004. Previous rounds include a Design Quilt and Typographic Portrait. Tom has been a contractor for the past 4 and a half years and he is currently in a 3 month contract job as an inhouse designer for a marketing financial group – which he is considering going full time with the company this Summer.

In late April 2004, Tom responded to an ad posted on a job listing site
seeking an iconographer. The company rep called in early May out of the blue to find out his availability. The start-up, located in NYC, flew him up in mid May for a personal meeting to sign contracts and discuss the scope of the project. The large icon job was recently completed and consisted of a set of 22 icons which were designed in three different styles totaling 66 icons with over 120 concepts developed in the process. The product (undisclosed to the artist) is expected to be launched in the Fall of 2004 and is beginning beta phase testing over the Summer. Both the client and Tom are pleased with the end results. Imagine designing within a 14x14 pixel frame – definitely a challenge. The client has given permission to the artist to include the icons in self-promotion, competitions and a forthcoming book idea about iconography. Tom hopes to pitch the book concept to publishers in the very near future.

Travis Tom
designer/illustrator/icon specialist

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