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Workbook offers discount to Creative Latitude members

The management team of Creative Latitude is pleased as punch and tickled pink to announce the Workbook has agreed to offer a 10% discount to CL members. CL member Von Glitschka initiated the effort.

Please note that this offer applies only to Illustrators, Designers and Lettering Artists for Workbook 27.

Who Is Workbook?
After 26 years the Workbook now leads the graphic arts industry. Fiercely committed to acting in the best interests of those who make it successful, the Workbook has earned a reputation as the most trusted and valuable resource for facilitating creativity. The company provides art directors, graphic designers, corporate art departments and publishers with resources for their creative needs for assignment and stock as well as industry contact information.

Workbook is made up of three families: 1) Workbook Assignment, both print and online vehicles for commercial artists to promote their assignment business; 2) Workbookstock, an online provider of high-end, rights-managed stock images to art buyers; 3) Workbook Resources, a stringently verified online and printed database of contact information for over 65,000 companies and individuals in the advertising world. The Workbook has a passion for the expression of new ideas and has helped advance the graphic arts industry into the digital future.

A complimentary distribution of Workbook goes out to 19,000 art directors and art buyers in the United States and Canada in advertising agencies, design studios, Fortune 500 corporations, and in-house art departments at magazine and book publishers, record companies, movie studios, TV and radio stations. Books are also sold in Europe, Asia and Mexico and in the United States at bookstores, art and camera supply stores and by direct mail.

For more information, or to reserve space, please contact a Workbook rep at:

  • East: 800.322.3470
  • West: 800.547.2688
  • Midwest: 800.752.0285
  • South: 800 322-3470

A complete list of contacts can be found at Tell 'em CL sent you.

Please note the deadline for the next edition has been extended through early July, 2004.

Be sure to visit their site at

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