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Creative Latitude members quoted in June 2004 issue of HOW magazine - by Alina Hagen

Creative Latitude members Habib Bajrami, Alina Hagen, Neil Tortorella and Jeff Fisher were all contributors to Doug White's article about design forums, titled "Designer+Internet Forum" in the June 2004 issue of HOW magazine.

Jeff Fisher is a member of the HOW Magazine Editorial Advisory Board and is often asked for possible article resources, so Jeff provided a number of names to Doug as contacts. Habib, Alina, Neil and Jeff each commented on the benefits they have reaped through design forums.

Habib enjoys the added pair of eyes and advice he can get through the forums, which is difficult for solo designers to access. Alina mentioned that you can always get an answer to a problem, and that because the forums are frequented by such a broad range of designers, you get very thorough, comprehensive real-world advice that one usually cannot find in manuals.

Neil also benefits from the ability to reevaluate his creative process and practices through the forum, and he also uses non-designer forums to conduct project research. The forum members serve as an informal focus group.

Jeff pointed out the importance and popularity of the camaraderie forum members share. Indeed, the most popular places to hang out on forums is often in the "Water Cooler" section (About Forum) or the "Lounge" (HOW Design forum) where any topic is permissible and is allowed to take on its own life, often meandering through a variety of subjects not necessarily related to design. It's a place to interact with like-minded individuals (or to debate with not so like-minded members).

Following the article was a list of design forums with a brief description of each. At the top of the list being the most popular was the About forum, run by Judy Litt and birth place of Creative Latitude by forum members Catherine Morley, Neil Tortorella and Nigel Gordijk.

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