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17 June, 2004
Passionate Postcarder Featured in Teleseminar

"Passionate Postcarder" Martha Retallick was thefeatured guest on a teleseminar hosted by Artist Career Training (A.C.T.).

During the one-hour teleseminar, Retallick shared "Postcard Marketing
Secrets for Fine Artists" with A.C.T. members and graduates.

Based in Los Altos, California, and Santa Fe, New Mexico, A.C.T. provides
professional career development assistance for fine artists.
Details are available on the A.C.T. website:

For more information, contact:
Martha Retallick, "The Passionate Postcarder"
Post Office Box 43161
Tucson, Arizona 85733 USA
Telephone: 520-690-1888

"I'll put you on my postcard mailing list if you put me on yours!"

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