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Densa dances with Journalists

22 July 2005

The Society of Professional Journalists, the US's largest organization representing journalists, recently held their annual Sunshine State Awards banquet in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The Sunshine State Awards honors the best in journalism in the state of Florida, in online, photography, television, print and magazines. This year the SPJ received a record number of entries—1,200 from around the state—making the awards the largest in Florida.

And you'll never guess who's the second place winner in the humor columnist category.


And I bet most of you didn't know I was a columnist, or that I could even be funny.

Go to and scroll down to "Articles and Columns" and read a few of the columns, which earned me recognition as one of the best humor columnists in Florida. (Talk about tooting one's horn; geez!)

But here‚s the real news: I've decided to publish a free monthly e-zine.

Inside, I'll dispense rapid-fire sales and marketing tips, wisdom, secrets and insights, as it relates to attention-grabbing, results-getting copywriting, among other things∑and I'll do it of course with liberal amounts of my signature iconoclastic humor (that means I'm a real wise-guy.)

And if any of you have specific topics and issues you'd like me to address forget it; go publish your own e-zine.

Expect to receive an invitation to subscribe to this so far un-named soon-to-be award-winning publication sometime next month (first I've got to figure out how to put it together, protect everyone's privacy, make it attractive, compelling—you know∑the whole nine yards.)

So, If you want to enrich your life, make yourself stunningly attractive to the opposite sex, or the same sex, earn yourself loads of money overnight, and grow hair if you're bald, this definitely won't be the e-zine for you.

Oh yeah, if any of you can come up with a real cool, catchy name for the e-zine, you'll win a free one-year, no, make that a free two-year subscription! WOW! Am I generous, or what?

Speak to you soon.

-- Barry

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