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03 July 2004
What's Happening at Fred Showker's Design & Publishing Center for the Month of June?

July: Patriotic Design & Art
JULY is the patriotic month in the U.S.A. because it was in July of 1776 that our Declaration of Independence was signed. So the stage is now set for our July celebration of art and design. Our feature presents a star-spangled march through the lives of noted patriotic artists and how their styles and talents served to define a people and their country; Patriotic art is a part of everyone's history. Here we glimpse just a few of the forms of Patriotic Art including the life and times of James Montgomery Flagg, who first made Uncle Sam a household image, and then the wonderful style of J.C. Leyendecker. It all kicks off with Patriotic Art & Design

Airman Magazine: Patriotic Magazine Design
Airman Magazine takes to the skies with powerful photo journalism and commanding design styling. Take a look at this excellent lesson in putting together a magazine we can truly call Patriotic Design

JULY Winners: Patriotic Design
During June, DTG readers were asked to relate insights, emotions and antidotes about patriotic art and design in their country. Evidently this wasn't one of the more popular themes because it brought the least number of responses as any monthly theme in the past. And, only three of those actually gave any kind of insight beyond "register me for a prize." Visit with designers as they share their comments and reflections on Patriotic Design

Editor's Choice: Deke is Back!
Deke McClelland is the hardest working man in the Graphics biz. His latest book is the finest hour in Photoshop training and actually includes two hours of Total Training video, and full-color, step-by-step instruction. Visit some choice quotes and insights into Adobe Photoshop CS: One-on-One

Photoshop Displacement Maps
Dale Glaser -- a skilled Photoshop image-crafter, and a collector of practical Photoshop sites shows us some of his personal visions, and shares tutorials for making displacement maps in Photoshop ... The Photoshop Collector

Designing Words & Folia Graphic Design
If you read the article "Designing Buddies" last month, then you'll already know a bit about Julianne Nardone and Janet Bertucci. Now, let's take a look at their graphic design and the design power behind Designing Words & Folia Graphic Design

July Web Design Critiques
Reviewer Bennie C. Taylor says: "at first glance this site seems to be well-organized; but the categories turn out to be inconsistent and confusing" ... perhaps some organization is needed in the Northwest Indiana Catholic newspaper site

Web Critique Briefs from Readers
This month we also have a collection of quick, Critique Briefs sent in by readers... a design site that claims to be "Part of an award winning Creative Arts team; The Toronto District School Board; a Teen site called Teenopolis; the Alexander Sadoya Art Gallery web site and the Marietta Contact Lens web site. See these Critique Briefs sent in by readers

AUGUST CONTEST: Back to (Design) School
Yes, it's our annual August Back To Design School theme where you WIN some valuable prizes by sharing with DT&G readers... we're turning to YOU to help pick out the best in graphic design, image editing, publishing, typography or visual arts training and teaching! Just share Favorite books for learning all the tricks. The approach you like to take when learning new skills Favorite college courses or learning experiences Pros and Cons of Video vs. Book learning Classes, seminars, books good? Bad? Or your anecdotes about times when you were taught a good lesson!


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