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What's happening at Fred Showker's Design & Publishing Center for the month of July?


01. JULY Summer Photography

Last month we said "Show us your digital photos – Let's see what you've got!"

So here's the beginning of our series. Yes, there will be more in the
months to come...

Visiting Digital Photographers
* Capturing Life's Memorable Moments - visit Kevin O'Connell freelance photographer from N.Y., who finds his creativity in restoration and retouching with Photoshop.

* Visions of Dubai
- Pal Singh, professional print designer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates brings some unusual "Digital Photography" views of Dubai.

* Particular Visions - Cile Bailey, professional photographer from Louisiana says "... Look who's watching!"

* There's A Fog Upon The Lake - Beth Rogers, freelance designer and photographer, takes us outdoors for some Alabama scenery ... and more; and you can find them all at the site

By the way... if you take great photos, DTG readers would love to see them displayed in your own "My Digital Photos" ... Just mark the "Subject" line: "Net Neutrality" at:


02. Photoshop: Selective Coloring & Tonal Color Effects

Mr. Tim Shelbourne is back, to once again share his Photoshop expertise
with this wonderful colorizing tutorial – just in time for the 4th of JULY! So many readers write to Photoshop 911 asking for a Selective Coloring tutorial


03. Digital Photos: Using Photoshop to Whiten Teeth and Eyes

Follow along in this tutorial as Barry Huggins shows you not one, but three methods for whitening teeth ...

* use the Dodge tool;
* method 2, the Screen method; and
* method 3, using Levels! Perk up those photos with

Photoshop for whiter teeth and eyes!


04. Logos: The Apple Core vs. Linear Logic

Special guest designer, Maggie Macnab provides a thought provoking essay on symbols and modern man. This is essential reading for anyone in the visual arts fields – particularly if you're designing logos and symbols. Of that discipline, Maggie is the ultimate authority.

The Apple Core vs. Linear Logic


05. Logos: An effective logo is easy to grasp

Although Dan Antonelli is firmly grounded in the sign and display industry, his logos are unsurpassed, and his knowledge of pleasing clients while not compromising their identity is relentless.

In this article, Dan discusses what makes a good logo, and shows some focused examples of how an effective logo is easy to grasp


06. Logos: Grand Brand Theft

Susan Kirkland is back with another insightful essay, this time on Brand and Logo knock-offs ... guess who are the biggest brand hijackers?
Guess who is the biggest logo hijacker? She bars no holds in this knock-out piece we'll call: Grand Brand Theft


07. Photoshop: Awesome Patterns

Time was that if you wanted to generate spectacular patterns for web or print use, you needed to go through the tedious process in Adobe Illustrator, then import into Photoshop. Artlandia now brings all that horse-power to your fingertips for generating quick, easy professional patterns in Photoshop!

See our story at:

and be sure to visit Artlandia for pictures and all!


08. Mailbag: Dirty, Rotten Logo poachers

There's been a quiet war going on in the design field for some time,
over cheap, knock-off logos. Seems the low-life greedy element on the
web has also taken to designing logos for profit. The only problem is, they're not designing them. You pay your money for some cheap crap pulled from old clip art books, or copied from more reputable logo farms.

There's nothing wrong with making a few bucks by selling your creative
work so cheap it puts other, honest designers in jeopardy. Really, a $25 logo is going to be worth just about $25 or less.

What I really object to however is when these low-life profiteers resort to criminal activities to ply their wares.

In the past month, I've been watching our forms and contact mail and there's been a new proliferation of logo spammers ...

Quick Buy Pre-Made Logos : $25 - This spam promised us a "perfect logo"
for just $25! On the front page they brag: "Our company has been designing logos for over 4 years" Wow – four years! They even encouraged us to "Use our cart to shop and compare designs before you buy!" – shopping for a logo as if shopping for beer.

You should steer clear of anyone from a web site called: "thefreelogomakers" dot-com.

Unique-Logos! – This one sent spam to all our email addresses boasting: "For value and a logo that reflects your image, take a few minutes and visit Logo Maker!" They were cheap, but the SpamCop also shut them down for spamming. The address was logosxd dot-biz. Good going, SpamCop.

Do you have "Logo Horror" stories. Send them along for DTG readers.


09. Mailbag: JUST SAY NO TO AOL

If you're still an AOL user, you may want to consider getting a new provider. We recently had one of our clients' web sites completely blocked by AOL. It seems one of their employees' Microsoft based Windows laptops got infected with a spam zombie that started spewing spam.

Before it was corrected, AOL had enough complaints to block the IP address.
(This also affected several other web sites sharing the same server!)
Four calls and uncounted attempts to get it changed have been futile.
The client has been without email for going on two weeks.

Worse news:
During testing AOL to track down the problem we sent and received dozens and dozens of 'test' emails into and out of the AOL system – get this: AOL delayed more than half of the email several hours or more. On some tests AOL delayed the mail a full 24-hour day.

So, be very careful if you want your mail to be "instant" into or out of AOL – it may not necessarily happen that way.



10. News, Views, Reviews, & Else...

Fresh news and information comes your way for July ...

* On The Job 2.1 Time Tracking Software On The Job 2.1
* Dreamweaver 8 Makes Great Looking, Sophisticated Web Sites
* Cashing in with Google - advertising on the web
* Search Engine Optimization for the Rest of Us
* Multiply Yellow Pages Ad Response
* Chris Georgenes to teach Flash Design
* ConceptDraw MINDMAP on iPod

... and you can read them all ...

Get Started


11. NET NEUTRALITY or, The Bandwidth Wars

So it begins. We knew it was coming, it was only a matter of when.
The User Group Network's "Safe Netting" department is running extensive
coverage of the issue. You can pick up campaign materials at Safenet's Net Neutrality store.

I kicked off my coverage with 60-Seconds Window #187 Net Neutrality ...
or, The Bandwidth Wars

Which side are you on? Send your comments ... Just mark the "Subject" line: "Net Neutrality" at:

Join the movement...

Visit the UGN SafeNet merchandise page and select a button or bumper
sticker that tells the world where to go...
(Click the "Net Neutrality" link)


12. Type: The Declaration font set

P22 type foundry announces The Declaration font set based on the script
of the historic document of 1776 - actually 3 fonts, two lettering fonts based on the Declaration of Independence and a third font featuring all 56 signatures found on the document.

The Declaration font


13. Who believes in'ya? Artlandia

We welcome Artlandia, Inc. (Champaign, IL) as a Design Center supporter.

Artlandia began in 1995 to develop and market award-winning graphic design software. They have supported the Design Center since their first Illustrator product.

Now, they're supporting Photoshop users everywhere as well.

... and join us in sending a big thanks from all DTG readers for helping to support the Design Center.

Don't forget to visit ALL of the Design Center's supporters ...

... without them, the Design Center could not deliver all these free articles and goodies each month.

If you like the from DTG and the Design Center, share just a few dollars. It goes a long way to bringing fresh, new, content each month, right to your door step. Just look for the "Friends" link in the left column of the front page ...



Yes, it's our annual "Back to (DESIGN) School" issue, where you get to WIN some of our valuable prizes by sharing with DTG readers ...

What have you learned? About Design? About Photography? About Art and Graphics share what you've learned with DTG readers ...

* Your favorite lesson in design
* Your favorite lesson in art, graphics or Photoshop
* Graphics or design lessons you DID NOT learn in school
* What you would teach new designers today
* Books: Your favorite art or design BOOK (Why?)
* Books you got but were disappointed in (Why?)
* Books: your favorite author (Why?)

All you have to do is click the link and share your knowledge ...
What you know could win you prizes...


15. July to August ... on the road ... taking care

As we move through July and into August, we've got a scattered schedule,
in-town, out-of-town, and so forth. So, articles will be appearing as we finish them. August launch may be delayed, but not but a day or so.

Photoshop Madness, as you may have noticed, is missing from this issue, but you can be sure it will be up in a few days. Just too much to do and too little time.

If you are out and about, traveling this summer, please do be careful ... watch your self and your stuff. Keep a close eye on your laptop, your bags, camera, and kids.

Keep them all safe and return yourself safe and sound from vacation ... to enjoy the next issues of DTG!

Well, once again you've already wasted a perfectly good hour reading the DTG newsletter. Hopefully all is not wasted and you've gained at least one helpful tidbit of info.

Thanks for reading ...


Your humble, soon-to-be on a plane to Africa, Editor

Parting words for JULY as we contemplate our freedoms ...

"Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom."
– Einstein

PS: if you've made it this far, the Loading Dock address for JULY will be set to "snap" to remind you to keep on snapping those photos. Just add the word "snap" after the last slash in

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