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Showker's Showcase for August: Education & Learning

28 July 2005

IMPORTANT: 60 Seconds #174 looks at MGM vs. Grokster
The recent Supreme Court ruling in MGM vs. Grokster set a new internet precedent. Will the Internet industry be too stupid (again) to recognize the real implications of secondary liability? Dangerous thoughts for dangerous times. (Sorry, it will take a bit longer than 60 seconds to read this one!) MGM vs. Grokster - what does it mean?
If you would like a straight reprint on YOUR SITE, let me know.
It needs to be spread to the public.

Feature: A Roadmap to Successful Online Learning
Noted educator and author Jim Norrena presents his landmark white paper about online learning -- "distance learning" or "e-learning," has captivated more than 2.6 million students among the growing number of people pursuing Successful Online Learning

Business: Start & Run A Creative Services Business
Susan Kirkland, veteran creative freelancer puts together over 20 years of totally practical experience -- showing you the mistakes you'll make unless you know about them in advance! You'll seriously need this book if you plan to Start & Run A Creative Services Business

Business: Getting Products for Online Auctions
After spending long hours on the eBay, doing research online and off, you come up with a niche category of products to sell. But, there is one little problem! You don't have a slightest clue where to get regular supply. Nowshade Kabir can help you with Products to Sell on eBay

Learning Design: Creating for Today's Print Workflow
Printing industries expert Gretchen A. Peck reports that as many as 90 percent of the digital files printers receive from customers are in some state of disrepair. Designers today must be prepared to accept new responsibilities, and think beyond design aesthetics -- Creating for Today's Print Workflow

Web Design: Increase Your Google Page Rank!
Search engine guru Joe Balestrino puts a damper on web sites that sell information which will supposedly increase your page rank. A high page rank to a website owner is money in the bank. But you may not be aware of how to Increase Your Google Page Rank!

Web Critique: Preemies R Us
Popular site reviewer Mike Swope takes on the site for the premature baby and discovers an off-the-shelf ecommerce engine well adapted for the job... suggest a few color and layout changes to help this site stand out among osCommerce sites

Photoshop: Upgrading to Adobe Photoshop CS2?
Macintosh computer authority and writer George Engel takes a look at the latest Photoshop upgrade from Adobe... after a bit of trouble, sez: "What a great adventure this is, and an affordable and very worthwhile upgrade." Photoshop CS2

Photoshop: August Photoshop Madness
This month we visit the wonderful Photoshop Chops site for some superb visuals and tutorials of an automotive nature. Then we see some cool frames from the Cool Frames Script site and visit this month's tutorial: Water Reflections. From there we dip into the world of Photoshop Blogger sites including one where "Ask The Experts" isn't exactly what you expect. For a bit of eye-candy, we take a look at some "Photoshop Contest" sites including the granddaddy of them all Finally, Richard Schneider tutorials is back to help us round out this month's Photoshop Madness

Field Trip: Exotic Visions: Geeta Vadhera
While Geeta's work is solidly planted in the fine arts world -- of oil on canvas, her art would be just as well at home in any illustration studio on Madison Avenue! Enjoy the powerful tension of negative and positive space for a lesson in visual dynamics! Geeta Vadhera, Noida, India


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