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Clickety-clacks on the LogoMotives Track

30 August 2005

“I DO!” graphic added to international political graphic archive

A graphic created by Jeff Fisher in support of same-sex marriage has been added to the archives of the Center for the Study of Political Graphics ( ). The designer's "I DO!" logo will become a part of the permanent collection of the organization. Fisher, the Engineer of Creative Identity for the Portland-based Jeff Fisher LogoMotives, created the “I DO!” image and distributed it via email for use by those supporting the same-sex marriage issue in Oregon, California, Massachusetts, New York, and New Mexico.

The Center for the Study of Political Graphics (CSPG) is an educational and research archive that collects, preserves, documents, and circulates domestic and international political posters relating to historical and contemporary movements for peace and social justice. CSPG demonstrates the power and significance of these artistic expressions of social change through traveling exhibitions, lectures, publications, and workshops. Through diverse programs, CSPG is reclaiming the power of art to inspire people to action. The archive currently contains more than 50,000 posters and is the largest collection of post World War II social justice posters in the U.S. It includes works produced by offset, lithography, linocut, woodblock, silkscreen, stencil, and photocopy. In the last sixteen years, CSPG exhibitions have toured to more than 280 venues nationally and internationally. Collection pieces are frequently loaned to other institutions, such as the Smithsonian, Getty Institute, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

The “I DO!” design has also been included in the book "The Design of Dissent" and is a permanent part of the Oregon Historical Society archives.

Designs by LogoMotives selected for business card volume

Two business card designs by Jeff Fisher, of Jeff Fisher LogoMotives, have been selected for inclusion in "The Big Book of Business Cards." The business cards for his own firm, Jeff Fisher LogoMotives, and the Portland-based Pearl Real Estate will be displayed in the volume to be released by David E. Carter, and publisher Harper Design International, in late 2005. Nearly 2,200 business cards will appear in the book. Business card designs were submitted by approximately 600 firms from 37 states and 20 countries.

Jeff Fisher featured in August 2005 HOW Magazine article

Writer Pat Matson Knapp has included the business expertise of designer Jeff Fisher in her article "Lost in Translation," appearing in the August issue of HOW Magazine. The piece addresses issues faced by graphic designers as they move into management positions, overseeing others in design departments. The article can be viewed on the web site at

“Logos Redesigned” highlights Jeff Fisher LogoMotives

The identity design work of Jeff Fisher, the Engineer of Creative Identity for the Portland, Oregon firm Jeff Fisher LogoMotives, is featured in the recently released book “Logos Redesigned: How 200 Companies Successfully Changed Their Image ( ),” by David E. Carter. Published by Harper Design, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, the book is currently available online and at major bookstores worldwide.

“Logos Redesigned” features 200 examples of identities, from major corporations to one-person businesses that have been recreated or updated for any number of reasons. Each design project is accompanied by a commentary about the effort, most of which were written by the designers themselves.

LogoMotives projects in the volume include logo redesigns for Joy Creek Nursery in Scappoose, OR; Balloons on Broadway in Portland, OR; Lampros Steel of Portland; the Portland law firm Smith Freed & Eberhard; and the Tel-Med program of the Multnomah County Medical Society in Oregon.


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