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Lookin' for a few good pens

01 Septermber 2005, a London-based online portfolio company for graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and artists, is looking for a few good pens! Rather, they're looking for some writers for an Art News section to be launched this autumn.

They are looking for people interested in creating columns that would run every other week. Bring your own specialization to the table - or tablet as the case may be - and write about your passion.

What's in it for me, you ask? A top-o-the-line portfolio for one thing. Also, PortfolioCity's president is a rather go-get'em upstart who plans to use the Art News section to plaster the site (and the writers) all over relevant threads of the web. So publicity for another. And heck, writing a column is a reward in and of itself.

Curious? Take a look around, and/or email Aaron Bihari for info.


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