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30 October 2005 - CL's Von Glitschka is happy to announce that I have just launched my new illustration website called It's filled with a lot of new content and is geared for the creative professional. But it's not all business, there is a lot of fun content you'll want to play around with and download. I've created an original 'Vonster Monster' halloween mask you can download complete with instructions.

Access to my art so you can archive it for future reference, use the sample images to comp up ideas has been made easy for you to do. Your never more then two clicks away from being able to pull images off the site for comps or download mini pdf portfolios categorized for your needs. These will always be updated to reflect the most current work I have so you can even bookmark the download links to make future access even easier.

It's been a labor of love and I hope you enjoy it and find it useful for your creative pursuits. - Your Retinas Best Friend!


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