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04 October 2004
What’s Happening at Fred Showker's Design & Publishing Center for the Month of October?

October: Fonts & Typography:

... as we continue our quest for fonts and typography, I've updated the Festival pages and added a whole pile of new fonts and font links to the Loading Dock. (If you don't know the address, ask for it.) * Join me now, as I visit new faces and new places on the typography trail... P22 Foundry Anniversary, and TypeCo Foundry... the fabulous sights of the Letterheads and Chank foundries ... in the Typography department.

Feature: Typography Masters
Read about the Bitstream OpenFonts collection featuring "Charter" font

Then read our tribute to Charter's creator, and the creator of the very font you read every day on the internet: Matthew Carter

Field Trip: Urban Typography
Kenn Munk designs wonderfully different fonts and dingbats, some of which are inspired by urban typography. Travel to his neighbourhood, Frederiksbjerg Denmark, for an insightful visit with typography of bygone days; urban typography in ... My Type of Hood!

Fonts: "Rusting in the Rain"
P22 releases a nice new font set inspired by Rod McKuen's latest works, and throws in some fresh drawings (ding-bats) and even some MP3 tunes to sweeten the deal... P22 Stanyan Autumn

Fonts: Ancient Mexico, Durer, the '50s
Visit four new font sets, totalling more than 24 individual faces covering history from ancient Mexican relics, through Durer, into Art Deco and through to the '50s -- it's a fun romp with some rather unique twists and turns you don't want to miss... October Fonts

View: Design From the Edge
Gary Dickson from Epidemic Design provides some noteworthy observations regarding edge-designers, center-designers, their characteristics and their relationship to one another. He asks: "Would you rather Design from the Edge?"

October Fonts Festival Winners
We had some wonderful input during September and October -- so many to chose from --
-Melissa shares her favorite "Books to avoid 'bad' type";
-Donna says "Type should enhance the sentiment";
-Mike writes about "New opportunities for fonts under OS X";
-Martha shares her favorites from the "Font Fairy" ... and four others land in the winners' circle!
Read them all in the Creative Networking Department

Photoshop: Need a new face?
A reader from Florida, using Windows wrote in with:
"I just had my picture taken with a celebrity. I told my friend to hold the button down when he took the picture. I was standing there for a few seconds with nothing happening, so I started to say "hold the button down", but mid sentence the camera went off. Now I have a picture with my lips extended completely outward that looks just terrible. Is there any way to replace my mouth in this terrible picture with one where I am smilling?

PS911: Ahhh, the old camera delay effect. Sure. Go out and stand in the same position and have your picture taken again. Now just use that 'face' and bring it in over the mistaken one. You could do just the mouth, but it's probably easier to do the whole face. Feather the edges of the face selection for a smooth transition, and don't forget to adjust the lighting to match the 'celebrity' shot!

Halloween Tutorial: Make it GREEN (Color Line Art) by Anthony Barnes
Share your tutorials

Photoshop: Rounded Fading Mask

In this emergency, a Minnesota reader using Windows writes:
"I want make the bottom of a pic fade out -- the pic is still a rectangle, but the bottom is rounded out in the pic w/ the corners and such fad out to black. Leaving a half elipitacal type look to the bottom of the pic.

Elementary, my friend:
Use the elliptical Marquee and make a curved selection so the bottom cuts the photo where you want it rounded.

Now, use the square Marquee (M) with the shift-key (adding to the existing elliptical selection) and drag from the top corner of the photo, down, until it includes the top of the photo. Your resulting selection should be square at the top, elliptical at the bottom.

Now, choose menue Select > Inverse to make your mask, then choose Select > Feather and give it a blurred, fading edge.

Tap the "Q" to enter QuickMask mode and fill the selection with BLACK. If that's not the fade you're looking for, exit QuickMask (Tap "Q" again) and select another Feathering setting... re-enter QuickMask and fill with Black.

If you choose Select > Save Selection you create a standing mask which you can then modify by painting in white or black to reveal or mask more of the image.


Mailbag: Reaching Shareware Authors

A reader in Hamburg Germany writes:
"I tried to get into contact with John Singer but the sending of my e-amil failed and an error was reported. Do you have any other mail-address?

* Unfortunately, shareware authors have a way of disappearing. John Singer's fonts are very nice, (In the Publishers' Warehouse) and I know people like to reward the designer. But once the links go dead, there's little you can do. We searched via a number of the search sites with no luck. Perhaps he'll read this and respond.

Mailbag: Photoshop 10 Book?

This reader in Millville, NJ laments...
"I am looking for an Illustrator 10.0 book for the MAC that is more than just introductory, but will cover more advanced techniques. I design ads for print in the yellow pages and need information to help me. Is Classroom in a Book the best thing to get?

* Actually not.
If you're already familiar with how Illustrator works, you'll want Joanne Saliger's "Adobe Illustrator Step by Step Approach" book it's 750 pages, spiral bound and oh, soooo nice to use at your desk - or Deke McClelland's Real World Illustrator 10 And don't forget Sharron Steuer's Illustrator WOW book -- a home run. All will serve you nicely. Or, see: The Design Bookshelf.

Biz: How to implement e-business solutions
Nowshade Kabir, Ph. D. in Information Technology brings has posted a good article in the UGN last week. In column in his series on e-business, he says: "When a massive e-business solution installation goes wrong, the management of the business is to blame."

Final Question: Bequeathing a Website

I visited a favorite web site the other day only to find it was completely empty except for a single GIF image announcing that the owner had passed away. My first reaction was "Oh no! How can they do that to me!" But then I was overwhelmed with a feeling of sorrow. It's not about 'me'. Although I had never really known the author of such a wealth of great information, I was saddened that his teachings were gone from the web.

My question for the month is "What will you do with your web site when you die?"

It's a hard question that needs hard answers. You can send your replies to: Fred

Next month we'll launch the Holidays with lots of new stuff for you... a great way to wrap up the year.

Thanks for reading... go forth and be creative!

Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine

Parting words...
"Good ideas realized in a mediocre way... are still better than mundane ideas executed with technical skill!"
Paul Rand

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