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14 November 2004
What’s Happening at Fred Showker's Design & Publishing Center for the Month of November?

November: Designing Holidays
In October we asked Design CAFE subscribers to comment on their favorite holiday promotions, folding cards, and creative ideas. We received a number of great idea starters, and here are a few. Watch for more as the holiday season continues... DT&G readers talk about great holiday promotions.

Fantastic Folds: Part One
Where do you look for creative ideas in crafting a unique, creative holiday greeting and promotional mailing? One of the elements of print media is folding. It comes along with the job, and if you incorporate a unique fold, your piece will be truly memorable. Here's the first part of our series on
"Designing with Paper Folds".

Adobe Photoshop CS For Photographers
Martin Evening's latest Professional Image Editor's Guide to the Creative Use of Photoshop for the Mac and PC is a blockbuster with no padding or fluff -- all solid Photoshop training and pure inspiration for even the fine arts painter.

Inspiration in a Bottle
Discover sources of inspiration that may just take you to the next level of creativity! Designer/Author Gary Dickson asks: "Where does your inspiration come from?" ... then shares his experiences with Inspiration in a Bottle.

The Graphics Master is Back
Now in its 8th edition, Dean Lem's industry bible is simply the best print production workbook ever produced! Through twenty-three printings of seven editions, the latest volume links the new digital prepress applications with essential traditional printing information. If you print, you need the Graphics Master 8.

Using Postcards to Promote Your Design Studio
Martha Retallick, "The Passionate Postcarder" -- leading expert on post card marketing shares some important advice on saving a lot of time and money in your marketing. Before you splurge on the Yellow Pages or other media, read Martha's take on Using Postcards to Promote Your Design Studio.

Picture Perfect Holiday Postcards
It doesnt take a lot of time, money or effort to create, print and mail a postcard. But when done right, postcards can be enormously effective ... holiday postcards!

Color Photos Converted to Text
The Worlds first colour digital photo to colour text convertor is truly one of the most innovative developments in a long time! You simply must see Simon Leung's Artext Photo Converter.

60-Seconds #169: SpamCop Full Circle
When my spam load hit 1,000 spams a day, I gave up the fight against spam and just started deleting them all. I was ashamed of myself because I had stopped helping my fellow netizen. But then I returned to SpamCop, and that began the rest of the story... 60-Second Windows.

Printing Primer for Designers
Originally published in 1989, this printing primer for digital artists has been updated and annotated for today's digital desktop publisher. We've supplied an additional check list for publishing, press-checks, and a collection of references all desktop publishers need to know about: Print Primer for DTP

New Kenn Munk Font: 'Psychophante'
November 1st sees the launch of Kenn Munk's latest dingbat system 'Psychophante'. Psychophante is a follow-up dingbat to Wappenbee from 2003, with which you could build bitmapped crests. Psychophante stays within the bitmapped construction kit context, but this time it's about making medals. Like the medal for a well-groomed afro, the medal for excellent file back-up or the nice-drive-through-the-woods medal.

While we want to continue getting your favorite Fantastic Folds for Greeting Cards, our December topic will shift slightly to great ideas using your digital camera. So, we're asking you to share your unique and creative discoveries for using Digital Cameras for the Holidays. Just answer any of those questions at our PRIZE REGISTRATION PAGE and you could get your comments published and be a lucky prize winner in "DIGITAL DECEMBER"

Have a great November -- Next month we'll launch the Holidays with lots of new stuff for you... a great way to wrap up the year.

Thanks for reading... go forth and be creative!


Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine

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