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16 November 2004
Major changes in the works for Creative Latitude

Team CL is pleased as punch to announce a major site face-lift coming
soon to a browser near you. Actually, it's more of a total makeover.
We're grinning from ear to ear and from continent to continent.

New member, Anthony Dempsey of cOmplusiveminds, has jumped in and will be adding a variety of enhancements to the site. The highlights include:

  • Dynamic content
  • A real, live, functional members area where you'll be able to update
    your profiles.
  • Enhanced search functions so you can find that article you just loved
    over a year ago.
  • Updated, scalable navigation.
  • Several backend features so our team won't be freaking as much come
    the end of each month.

Anthony is based in Columbus, Ohio USA, where he specializes in media
solutions for a broad base of clients. His services through
cOmpulsiveminds range from identity development to e-commerce solutions and just about everything in between.

In addition to cranking out some killer dynamic sites, he tells us he's
recently grown fond of CSS and XHTML. Visit the cOmpulsiveminds' site to see what Anthony's been up to lately.

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