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17 November 2004
Creative Latitude and The Commpiled Network

Howard Theriot, of Catch Light Productions, announces the launch of, The Marketing Communications Network.

What's this all about?
The idea is that in one way or another, small business owners, corporate marketing execs, ad agencies, and creative types all deal with marketing communications in one form or another. The word compiled was chosen because the content is a compilation of many contributors, the forums are built from member participation, and the resources are from many sources. Which brings us to this simple formula: communications + compilation = (huge thanks to Von for providing a little Glitschka flare with the spiffy new logo design).

What's it mean to you?
You're a creative, but this ain't fine art. You work in the realm of creative communications--communications with commercial applications. The Commpiled Network provides the playing ground where you can explore other perspectives on the business of marketing communications. This is your chance to better understand what the other side is dealing with and to give them a glimpse into your world at the same time.

Like most webzines, features daily front page content and weekly email updates. But, unlike most webzines, the content is diverse, covering everything from design competitions to ROI benchmarks. And it is seamlessly integrated with a slew of valuable resources including current industry news, an events calendar, a complete reference desk, a professional directory, and eStore.

What's new?
The biggest and brightest feature of the new site is the Commpiled Community. This discussion group is structured like no other within the realm of commercial networking sites in that it is designed to allow the membership to fully dictate the growth and development of the community. This true community environment is achieved by utilizing a user reputation system which allows all members to gain (or loose) status among the rest of the community based on what the other members think of them. Gain enough reputation and others will have the utmost respect for your insight—earn a bad rep and you risk automatic banning.

The unique implementation of this system helps to level the playing field for serious networkers by keeping spammers at bay with little intervention from the moderators. We hope to build a truly diverse membership where you can hash it out with an array of marketing professionals and even a few would-be clients. Additionally, the group offers password protected peer-to-peer forums where you can chat it up in private with fellow creatives.

Joining the team
The new site is made possible through the collaborative efforts of many independent contributors with a single goal in mind: to build the most comprehensive marketing communications network available anywhere– online or off. Creative Latitude is proud to announce that we have partnered up with Howard and the folks at as an official content provider. Each month, they will publish an article written by a Creative Latitude member, providing a publicity boost for the author and the entire CL family.

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