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17 November 2004
Creative Latitude Goes Graphic

Perhaps you've noticed a visual pick-me-up on each Creative Latitude section. Von Glitschka, of Glitschka Studios, has graciously sprinkled his graphic philanthropy around Creative Latitude in the form of section identifying icons. Not only did the Vonster donate his time to this branding bonanza, he did it by the light of the midnight oil. If you haven't perused the site recently, we've saved you some time by displaying these delicious designs below (but that's no excuse for not checking out all the great new content on CL).

It seems Mr. Glitschka is on a roll. Rumor has it that he's sweating over a hot keyboard designing a logo for CL content partner

From all of us here at Team CL, a heartfelt "thank you" and a tip o the mouse goes out to Von's for all his help and hard work!

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