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What’s happening at Fred Showker's Design & Publishing Center for the month of December?

Designing Holidays
In November we asked Design CAFE subscribers to comment on their favorite holiday promotions, folding cards, and creative ideas. We didn't get many, but the ones we got were quite nice. Some of their work is under the "Fantastic Folds" topic and comments are in this month's
winners' circle.

Design Cafe Logo Critique
What happens when the Design Cafe decides to have a logo contest and let listees propose a new logo? Lots of ideas and fun. Many submitted and these 16 finalists get the once over by other Cafe listees and two rather special graphic design celebrities. But it's not over. More to come next month.

Designing Logos
Gary reflects on designing logos, dispels some myths and shares anecdotes on what a logo really is; how some clients never learn, and what Paul Rand had to say about them. (When you read this one, notice which ads appear in the Google column to the right! LOL) Gary says Logos are magic, but there's Nothing Up My Sleeve

Fantastic Folds: Part Two
Now we take a look at designers' unique expressions of creativity in folding for greeting cards. The first two show some savvy design -- and extraordinary inventiveness in "Designing Cards"

Chuck Green: Graphic Workshop
Chuck Green is back with a major blockbuster -- his Design-it-yourself GRAPHIC WORKSHOP is a delightful instruction manual for non-designers, and a healthy shot of creative energy for the pros... don't miss it!

Feature: The Classics come to P22
You've heard of such names as Frederick W. Goudy, Monotype, Caslon, Giambattista Bodoni, Jensen, and Gerald Giampa? Well P22 has acquired The Lanston Type Foundry, originally under the design direction of Frederick W. Goudy, to revive a remarkable tradition in classic type styles. Enjoy just a brief sampling, and the story of Gerald Giampa's return with The Lanston Type Foundry

MSN Search Engine: How Good Is It?'s Nowshade Kabir takes us on a field trip to MSN's new search engine... "consider all the new features of MSN that Google does not have yet, its ability to cover natural language queries, quality level and relevance of results, ability to refine searches, you may want to consider the MSN Search Engine".

Laptops vs. Desktops? Which to buy?
I love my new 15" Aluminum Powerbook G4! But while getting used to it I'm having to learn some new manners! I'm discovering lots of things I like about it, and lots of things I really liked about my Wall Street PowerBook. This Old Mouse is a column I write over in the User Group Network web site and I thought it would benefit many DTG readers. This Old Mouse: G4 PowerBooks

... which brought a flurry of email from readers expressing concern over purchasing the new G4 Aluminum PowerBook, and Laptops vs. desktop computers. Herein, I give my slant on the subjects...

2004 BEST Contest:
Did you find a great shareware program during 2004? Read any good books? Discover any cool hardware or software? Submit your votes for the BEST PRODUCTS OF 2004 on our PRIZE REGISTRATION PAGE and you could get your comments published and be a lucky prize winner! What's your BEST for 2004?

60-Seconds #170 We The Media
... OR, who's to blame for Kerry's defeat? Just listen to the media and you'll hear all kinds of opinions on why Kerry lost the campaign. But if you take the designer's approach to branding a candidate, you'll agree the media had more to do with it than they're letting on...

Fred Showker, Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine

Thoughts for the Holiday Season...

"The excellence of a gift
lies in its appropriateness
rather than in its value."
Charles Warner

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