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HOW Magazine Honours 'Designers-Who-Blog'

SE Asia: The prominent graphic design industry publication, HOW Magazine, has honoured Catherine Wentworth's Designers-Who-Blog (DWB) as one of its Top Ten Sites. HOW Senior Editor, Megan Lane Patrick, said, "... we at HOW magazine were so taken with your site that we have listed it as one of our Web site's 'Top 10' sites to see this month." The blog site is located at

Designers-Who-Blog is a repository of exceptionally creative-oriented blogs from around the Internet. Each a day it features the best of the best. But DWB doesn't stop at graphic design. The site also features the Blogosphere's best offerings for illustration, photography, web design, advertising, branding and more.

Keeping with the theme of Designers-Who-Blog, authors of the featured blogs are shown in the rotating banners on DWB, along with their company or blog logo.

"Designers-Who-Blog was created as a vehicle to showcase the range of great talent and opinions in the design industry, as well as promote the aptitude of designers who share their insights with the Blogsphere," said Morley. She added, "DWB is a labour of love and worth every minute spent. As I search out the different blogs I'm continuously amazed and delighted to discover what our industry is up to."

In addition to manning the helm of DWB, Catherine is the founder of Katz-i International, a web and graphic design firm with operations in SE Asia and the UK. In addition, she is a cofounder and Chief Project Manager of Creative Latitude.

Katz-i International: Based in the UK and SE Asia, Catherine and Katz-i International specialises in aiding the expatriate community by unifying creativity with culture, for a blend of print and web-based communication. The Katz-i team of designers, writers, photographers and programmers focuses on the subtlety required when communicating between Eastern and Western cultures.

HOW Magazine: Founded in 1985, HOW Magazine provides graphic-design professionals with essential business information, features cutting-edge technological advances, profiles renowned and up-and-coming designers, details noteworthy projects, and provides creative inspiration. The year-end Business Annual has become a respected resource for its articles about studios across the U.S. In addition, HOW holds annual Self-Promotion, International and Interactive Design competitions and features the results in special issues. Other frequently profiled topics include digital design, creativity, typography and paper.

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