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Katiz-i Design International ADA award featured in HOW and PRINT Magazines

SE Asia:
Katz-i Design International has been featured in major industry trade publications, PRINT and HOW as a winner of a Winter 2005 American Design Award (ADA). The Winter 2006 ADA Call for Entries advertisement carries a listing of 2005 winners. Katz-i placed in the top 20 of 44 winners selected from 1167 entries. The site is located at

The American Design Awards was established to recognize individual artists, graphic design firms and companies that value the art of visual communication on an ongoing basis, through fair judging criteria by real-life design professionals. A.D.A. holds an ongoing Monthly Design Contest, as well as two semiannual Design Contests in August and February of every year, open to graphic and web designers throughout the world. Their site can be found at

Based in SE Asia and the UK, Katz-i Design International specializes in aiding the expatriate community by unifying creativity with culture, for a blend of print and web-based communication. The Katz-i team of designers, writers, photographers and programmers focuses on the subtlety required when communicating between Eastern and Western cultures.

In addition, Katz-i is a cofounder of Creative Latitude.

Founded in 1985, HOW Magazine provides graphic-design professionals with essential business information, features cutting-edge technological advances, profiles renowned and up-and-coming designers, details noteworthy projects, and provides creative inspiration. The year-end Business Annual has become a respected resource for its articles about studios across the U.S. In addition, HOW holds annual Self-Promotion, International and Interactive Design competitions and features the results in special issues. Other frequently profiled topics include digital design, creativity, typography and paper. The HOW Magazine site can be found at

Established in 1940, PRINT is one of the most respected publications covering the graphic design industry. In addition, the bimonthly publication sponsors it’s Regional Design Award Annual which showcases the best of the best in the industry. The PRINT Magazine site can be found at

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