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FastCoconut launches NO!SPEC website

SE Asia/Melbourne AZ: The FastCoconut design team has announced the launch of the NO!SPEC crusade website. The NO!SPEC initiative was developed by a group of visual communication designers across the globe who share a common passion for their industry, ethical business practices and wanted to take a firm stand on the issue of speculative (“spec”) work requests. NO!SPEC has received broad-based support from both the visual communication design/graphic design community and professional graphic design organizations, worldwide. The site can be found at

The site was developed in record time, due largely to the combined efforts of FastCoconut team members, Jeanette Wickham, based in Melbourne, Australia, Catherine (Cat) Morley, based in SE Asia, and the NO!SPEC committee. The site has been designed using WordPress, adapted from Beccary. The NO!SPEC committee wrote articles, copy and researched for the contents. At the core of the CSS-based design is the NO!SPEC logo created by New Zealand designer, Piers Le Seuer of ArtnSoul Graphic Design. “Piers’ logo was instrumental in designing the look and feel of the site. The strength and clarity of the mark made the design process flow by providing a solid foundation on which to build the site,” said Morley.

The content-rich site features detailed information about what spec work is, why it’s an unethical practice as well as possible solutions to the problem. In addition, the site offers free downloads of the logo for supporters to display, poster downloads, supporter listings and more.

FastCoconut team members herald from SE Asia, Australia, Europe and the U.S. The group focuses on cross-cultural communications, blending compelling content with spot on graphics and the programming to make it all work efficiently. Their site can be found at


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