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Rob Gough's NO!SPEC crusade posters

Rob Gough has created a series of poster supporting the NO!SPEC initiative. Each is available for download on the NO!SPEC site.

"These posters are intended to portray the frustration, anger, and heartache that often arise out of tangles with spec work. Like far too many other designers, I have fallen victim to spec in my early days in the profession. Those early experiences, when naivety and hope collided with the seduction of empty promises, have stayed with me," said Gough. He added, "I am pleased to have the opportunity to channel those memories into something positive within this educational campaign. Thanks to the work of all those involved in this crusade, perhaps someday the practice of spec work will be reduced to just a bad memory for the entire industry."

Rob operates Gough Graphics, a small graphic design and illustration firm in northeast Massachusetts, where he provides personalized attention and creative solutions to meet the visual communication needs of his clients.


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