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ArtnSoul Graphic Design Creates Identity Design of Global Proportions

Christchurch NZ: New Zealand designer, Piers Le Sueur of ArtnSoul Graphic Design, has recently completed a logo design for the global, web-based NO!SPEC initiative. In addition to the mark begin used to identify the NO!SPEC effort, it will also appear on NO!SPEC supporters web sites, print material and other communication vehicles. In addition, the logo appears on NO!SPEC fund-raising products including coffee mugs, apparel and many other items. Proceeds from sales are used to support the NO!SPEC initiative within the graphic design educational system.

“I am so pleased to be a part of this worldwide effort to discourage the cheapening of our value by means of speculative competitions, tenders and pitches,” said Mr. Le Sueur. He added, “Spec work requests are one of the worst aspects haunting our industry. Visual Communication Design (also known as Graphic Design) is one of the only industries where this sort of thing is allowed to happen and it has to stop. Some larger organisations have tried to use it to get cheap, or free design work — even though they have advertising and marketing budgets in the thousands. It is so demeaning to our profession. So,lets the spread the word. Lets work to make our profession a strong one with a foundation firmly rooted in professional ethics.”

In addition, Piers’ logo design was the key element for the design of the NO!SPEC web site. Site designer, Catherine Morley of Fast Coconut, based in SE Asia, said, “Piers’ logo was instrumental in designing the look and feel of the site. The strength and clarity of the mark made the site design process flow by providing a solid foundation on which to build the site.”

With over 13 years’ experience in graphic design, ArtnSoul Graphic Design focuses on helping businesses achieve clear, consistent branding and marketing materials. Through ArtnSoul Graphic Design, Mr. Le Sueur provides corporate identity, print and web design for a variety of clientele. The ArtnSoul web site can be found at Piers’ blog can be found at

The NO! initiative has recently launched its web site in an effort to educate both creatives and those who buy their services about the damaging effects caused by speculative work and contests. The initiative was developed by a group of visual communication designers across the globe who share a common passion for their industry, ethical business practices and wanted to take a firm stand on the issue of speculative (“spec”) work requests. NO!SPEC has received broad-based support from both the visual communication design/graphic design community and professional graphic design organizations, worldwide. The site can be found at

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