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Von Glitschka creates NO!SPEC crusade posters

Noted designer and illustrator, Von Glitschka of Glitschka Studios, has announced the completion of two posters created to support the NO!SPEC campaign effort. Both posters are available for download from the NO!SPEC website at

Titled, “Spec You!” and “Spec Hurts Everyone,” the designs quickly and memorably convey the message of the NO!SPEC initiative – Speculative work requests and contests are a bad idea for both the creative community and business-at-large.

“I had fun splattering paint in my garage. That is, until I noticed I got it all over our freezer, scooter, door, wall and pretty much everything with a 10 ft. radius. Ooops.” said Glitscka.

The striking posters are printable in A4 and 8.5 x 11 (standard letter) sizes. Both titles are available, commercial print-ready, as CMYK or spot color at 300 resolution.

Established in 2002, Gitschka Studios is a multi-disciplined creative services agency developing unique, concept-driven design solutions for larger agencies, in-house art departments and small business. Based in Portland, OR, Glitschka’s award-winning work is characterized by its diverse range of styles and humor, while striving to create visually inspiring, concept-driven design in a world too often void of alluring and well executed graphics. Their site can be found at


Spec You


Spec Hurts

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