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Burns Auto Parts – Consultants Hits the Road

Leslie Burns-Dell'Acqua of Burns Auto Parts–Consultants (the oddly named creative business consultancy) is hitting the road again in 2007! This spring Leslie will be traveling to 7 cities, speaking in 6 of them, and meeting individually with creatives in all the locations. Here are the details about her presentations:

Beyond PMS:
How to overcome fear, find your best market, and achieve your goals

Building on her very popular New Treatments for PMS (Panic Marketing Syndrome) presentation, internationally-known consultant Leslie will talk on several issues blocking photographers (and other creative professionals) from being more successful. Her presentation will have Keynote-based visuals and a downloadable pdf outline available ahead of time to facilitate comprehension and note-taking. These tools, combined with Leslie’s humorous-yet-thoughtful delivery and an openness to answer questions on all topics, result in an opportunity to improve your business and the acquisition of helpful ideas that can be implemented the very next day.

Some topics to be covered include:

  • time management for the “flakey” creative
  • rational goal setting
  • how to turn goals into action
  • fear and its painful results (like lowballing)
  • understanding and finding your best market
  • effective tools
  • using tools more effectively

While in each city, Leslie'll be offering consultations at a discount to members of the sponsoring organizations. Also, and quite importantly for the groups, she will be donating back a percentage of the fees generated in the consultations–member or not–to each individual chapter. So, for example, if you meet with her in Atlanta, a portion of the fees will go to APA-Atlanta. In other words, you can help these groups while you help yourself. If you are interested in signing up for the individual consultations, you can do that by contacting Leslie directly. The prices will be as follows:

Members 50 minutes: $250, 110 minutes: $470

Non-Members 50 minutes: $300, 110 minutes: $550

Sign up soon, and definitely in advance, to get the most out of the meeting. Leslie will send a worksheet to those who sign up ahead of time, to be more efficient with the time together. That way you can get more of the help you want in the time available.

The schedule is as follows:

Austin, TX
17 April (evening) Presenting Beyond PMS at ASMP-A/SA
18 April (all day) Individual Consultations

Philadelphia, PA (to meet with ASMP National–no presentation)
22 April (morning) Individual Consultations (member discounts still apply!)

Charlotte, NC
25 April (day) Individual Consultations
25 April (evening) Presenting Beyond PMS at APA-Charlotte
26 April (all day) Individual Consultations

Atlanta, GA
28 April 10:00AM, Presenting Beyond PMS at APA-Atlanta
30 April (all day) Individual Consultations

Richmond, VA
03 May (evening) Presenting Beyond PMS at ASMP-Central VA
04 May (all day) Individual Consultations

Washington, DC
07 May (all day) Individual Consultations
08 May (day) Individual Consultations
08 May (evening) Presenting Beyond PMS at ASMP-DC

Boston, MA
10 May (day) Individual Consultations
10 May (evening) Presenting Beyond PMS at ASMP-NE
11 May (all day) Individual Consultations

Each sponsoring organization in each city will have postings about the presentations on their websites soon, with location details, and more information about the events will be available on the Burns Auto Parts website and blog

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