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Grow Your Business From Your Desktop
A New Online Seminar Series
with Ilise Benun and Peleg Top of Marketing Mentor

Is your design business on a feast-or-famine cycle — you're either way too busy or you're waiting for clients to call? Attend HOW's new Webinar Series, presented by Marketing Mentor, and you'll learn proven marketing and pricing secrets that will bring your ideal clients directly to your door, boost your bottom line and let you sleep peacefully.

Join us on October 18 for the second in HOW's Marketing & Pricing Webinar Series: How to Create Your Own Marketing Machine: the Five Best Marketing Tools for Your Design Business. You'll learn how to build your own Marketing Machine to avoid the Feast or Famine Syndrome and create an ongoing stream of new prospects and clients willing to pay you what you're worth.

How To Create Your Marketing Machine
Thursday, October 18, 2007
4:00 ET/1:00 PT
Presented by Ilise Benun and Peleg Top, Marketing Mentor

Are you overwhelmed by too many marketing tools? Do you know which ones work best? In what order? To which market? Wouldn't it be nice if there were a machine you could turn on to do your marketing for you?

Well, there is. It's your very own Marketing Machine, and in this webinar you’ll learn how to build and maintain it.

What You’ll Learn
• How to keep your pipeline full and get you the clients and the projects you want.
• Which marketing tools are the most effective -- and least expensive
• How often you should be in touch with your prospects without being a pest
• How to get past the gatekeeper to your real prospects
• Does cold calling really work?
• Does anyone read email anymore?

All attendees also get copies of the presentation materials plus easy-to-follow Marketing Mentor worksheets designed to help you zero in on your target market and build your client roster. And, you'll have 12-month access to the Webinar, should you want to watch it again as a refresher course.

More info here:

About HOW’s Mareting & Pricing Webinar Series
HOW's new Marketing & Pricing Webinar Series, presented by Ilise Benun and Peleg Top, co-founders of Marketing Mentor, is a series of online seminars for designers. You'll learn how to develop lucrative business relationships, how to value and price your work so you don't lose money, and how to create an ongoing stream of new prospects and clients willing to pay you what you're worth.

Here’s The Complete Schedule
September 27 Get Rich in a Niche: Find and Reach Your Ideal Clients
October 18 Create Your Marketing Machine: Five Best Marketing Tools for your Design Business
November 15 What Should I Charge? Smart Pricing Strategies for Designers
December 13 Proposals 101: The Essentials for Writing and Presenting Proposals

Even if you missed one, you can still access the Webinar materials and audio.

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