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Lynn Pilewski

1 Stop Sites, Inc.

Job title:

Web site design and development
Web site redesign
E-Commerce solutions
Search engine optimization and marketing
Web site hosting services
Graphic design
Flash animation
Logo design

Practising since:


Taylors, SC



Selected client list:
IFREC Real Estate Schools
Wishing Well Florist
Rainforest Pets
Central Insurance Companies
InterAmerica Stage

Success story:
IFREC Real Estate Schools needed an entire site redesign with a goal of placing in the top 10 results on the major search engines for several keyword phrases. As an educational institute, they required complete course listings, and several forms for feedback and registration in order to ease the process for potential students. All of the information on the site had to be easily found and usable by the potential/current

After meeting with the client and discussing their requirements, we created a clean and simple interface that would allow users to easily find any of the information on the site, while maintaining visual appeal. Additionally, we optimized the site for the requested keyword phrases to be found in the major search engines.

After implementing our changes, the client reported the following for the first fiscal quarter: "As a result of 1 Stop Sites’ efforts we've seen Page Views jump 249%, First Time Visitors are up 232% and Monthly Returning Visitors have increased 162%. I think we'd all agree that 1 Stop Sites, Inc. has done an OUTSTANDING job of repositioning IFREC to where we now enjoy 15 number one rankings; a BIG improvement over where we were just five months ago. For certain keyword strings, IFREC DOMINATES the rankings."

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